Jan 21

Food Storage Series

This is a photo of a batch of popcorn I made the other day. I want to share that the popcorn was 4 years old and tasted delicious!

The thing about this 4 year old popcorn is that I did not buy longevity items, nor expensive buckets to secure the popcorn. I did what I always saw my mom do. I always put any flour, sugar, rice, beans, wheat, or popcorn in the freezer for 48 hours. This kills off any bugs that may be in the product. Then I pack my long term food storage in food grade buckets that I get for free from a local restaurant. The buckets still have the o ring in the lid, and once I close the lid and stand on the bucket to make sure it is closed, I label and date the bucket and into the pantry it goes. Result: spending no money, aside from the actual food, the stored item is as fresh as when packed~now how is that for practical doable food storage?

I believe maintaining a rotating pantry filled with foods you and your family use is a way that you can stretch your money. When an item goes on sale you can get several items and slowly but surely your pantry is ready for you when you have a need.

Since no one can predict when or what type of crises will occur, it is a good idea to have a pantry to hold you over. Last February, almost the entire nation suffered from a blizzard and bitter cold temps. Many people were stranded in their homes. For me, that is reason enough to have food storage on hand~before a crises arises.

I must put this rule I live by~I am very frugal but~if I think a food item, whether newly purchased or older, is off, or I am concerned a tad~ I throw it out. I never would risk the health of my family over an item in my food storage. Food safety and product awareness is key to keep you alive!

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  1. HossBoss

    I agree, HW …I despise waste, especially of foodstuffs, but it's not worth the health risk to eat it if you think it's bad. At least non-meat spoiled food can go to the compost.

  2. Humble wife

    HB- exactly! Preserving life first!!

  3. hardcase

    when it comes to food i do this, first i smell, then i check for texure, then for taste. theres an old saying . ( when in doubt through it out ).

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